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Toto je ukázkový obchod systému Shopio.cz. Žádné zde vystavené zboží nelze zakoupit, ale můžete si prohlédnout administraci

Líbí se vám tento e-shop? Máte dotazy? Napište nám.

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How to trade

What do you need for e-shopping

Our e-shop has only one requirement: you must have cookies in your web browser enabled. This is the most substantial requirement - you cannot launch the e-shop without it. You can find out how to enable cookies in the help section of our e-shop.

How to buy goods

If you want to buy goods, first you have to put it into the shopping cart. One possibility is to add the product into the cart directly, using an orange button with a shopping cart, shown on the item itself (this will add 1 item).

The second possibility is to open the product detail page (click on a picture or name of the item to open the detail page). Here, you can enter the number of required items next to a description of the product and click on the orange "Add to cart" button. The actual number of items and total price is in upper right corner of the site.

When you have everything you require and want to submit the order, you need to go to the shopping cart page. To get there, either click on the "Add to cart" icon, or click on "Shopping cart" label in upper right corner of every page. On the shopping cart page, you can change the number of items you require for each product, and delete a product within your cart. To delete a product, click on the "Delete" link at the end of each product row.

To change of the number of items, enter a number into the product's 'Amount' field, and click on the "Recalculate" button. You can delete whole contents of the cart simply by clicking on the "Empty cart" link at the bottom left of your list of products.

The order

In the shopping cart, click on the "-> continue with your order" button just under the product list table. Enter the required data, but note that items marked with star (*) must be completed, otherwise the order will not be submitted. After completing the form, click on the "-> continue with your order" button.

Next, enter the delivery and payment information and click on the "To confirm order »" button. If your information is correct, a page appears allowing you to check the details of your order. If everything is OK, click the a "-> Confirm your order" button. The order will be sent to us, we will process it, and will then contact you.

That's all. Simple, isn't it?