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Kitchen set Tom, Dick & Harry

Recommended! Free gift Kitchen set Tom, Dick & Harry

A set of 3 porcelain tea, sugar and coffee storage jars designed to make an entertaining and stylish addition to any kitchen top.

In stock

1 999  ( 1 652,07  excl. VAT)

Product information

  • Manufacturer: Thabto
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Product code: 022

Text copied from http://store.yankodesign.com/tom-dick-and-harry. You can buy this product there.

The glints in Tom, Dick & Harry 's eyes indicate what's inside (T: tea, S: sugar & C: coffee) and their air-tight heads have room to fit the handle of a spoon. Dishwasher and Microwave safe. Spoons not included.

"Thomas Toddington-Smythe, or Tom to his friends,
Is an English gentleman, one never to offend,
His tummy's full of Camomile, Earl Grey or Breakfast Blend,
How he has room for so much tea is hard to comprehend."

"Dick never stops, he's always on the go,
He's got a belly full of beans so he won't go slow,
Espresso, Latte or Cappuccino,
If it doesn't contain caffeine then he doesn't want to know."

"Harry is the sweetest fellow you'll ever meet,
A happy little chappie, always up-beat,
With a belly full of sugar, ever so sweet,
For when you want that extra little treat"


Height 18 cm
Weight 0.5 kg
Colour White
Length 10 cm
Battery none
Adaptor included No
Display No

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